igotmySSDI.com was born from our sister site, igotmyrefund.com which is a large community of taxpayers who hunt their income tax refunds.  The “Where’s My Refund?” users go through a waiting process that can be ridiculous from year to year and sometimes is a mysterious journey with the federal government rules and remulations with a tax code longer than Shakesperes complete works.  We sometimes refer to this as IRS foolishness and fuckery.  Ouch the f word! That’s right, we don’t sugar coat things when it comes to our money.  It’s not a picnic or a walk in the park to wait months on end for the government to get their shit together.  And then we realized something…

The tax refund hunt those at IGMR go through has a thread of similarity to what many people waiting on SSDI go through after they have become disabled and applied for Social Security Disability —-but on a much different scale.  And many people waiting on the Social Security Administration, are sitting on exponentially more money along their journey.  We have seen the confusion and  hardships people go through waiting on their tax refunds and our community provided an outlet for people to come together and compare notes, share experiences and more.

Searching for tax rules and regulations is a daunting tax and we realized that the same daunting task is experienced sometimes for years on end with those who have applied for disability.  Our model is different than many sites because we are run entirely by merely people who are experiencing similar situations and we are not affiliated with any government agency or company that sells you products or services.

We are not a forum that is a secret society which requires you to login to gain more information and comment with other people.  Our stream of conversation is our main content to help each their and we encourage you to jump in and join.  You can post anonymously or create a user account to share the fine details of your situation…we leave that up to you and let the users drive the conversation. It is about YOU after all.

Enjoy your time here on the Social Security grapevine and connect with others go in through the same thing as you.  It’s a tremendous relief to get real answers from real people and when you realize you are not alone.

if you just applied for disability, buckle your seatbelt and join in here to get live updates.  If you are already in deep with the social security application process, here you will find the real talk, because the struggle is real!  We have fun, joke, vent, come up with theories, debunk them, follow trends and vent.  We also vent and share our frustration with the wait.  Oh yeah, did I mention that we have fun and we also vent?  Sometimes waiting is just pure bullshit and we won’t sugar coat it…speak your mind (within reason) here.