SSDI Backpay after Finally Approved – What Next?

SSDI Backpay

The approval process for Social Security Disability is often tedious, long, and frustrating. It’s a great feeling when you finally get that acceptance letter in your mailbox after months of back and forth with the Social Security Administration (SSA). By all means, take a little time to enjoy the feeling! Approval offers a degree of […]

Revised Criteria for SSDI Mental Disorders

SSDI mental health disorders

In 2017 new rules for the evaluation of mental disorders by the Social Security Administration (SSA) went into effect. The SSA has not revised the rules for SSDI mental disorders since 1990. Rules changes were originally proposed in late 2010, but were pushed back to accommodate the release of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of […]

Social Security Disability Benefit Programs

social security disability

If you aren’t familiar with social security disability programs, this brief summary will provide a general outline of the type of benefits and application process. It will cover some of the basic terminology used when discussing social security disability programs and the application process. Social Security Disability Benefits When you apply for social security disability […]

Social Security Abbreviations, the SSDI Glossary

Below is compiled index of SSDI acronyms that you might come across when applying for social security disability.  Did we miss any?  Let us know in the comments below. AAJ Administrative Appeals Judge AARF Additional Adjusted Reduction Factor ABO Adjusted Blind Onset AC Appeals Council ACCESS Automated Controlled Correspondence Extraction System Act Social Security Act […]

Payment Status Codes for SSI

Payment Status Codes Decoded

The social security payment status after you have been approved for benefits is used in the state data exchange system. When you call to check your social security disability application payment status, the answers from calling the SSA are not always helpful.  Sometimes it can feel like you are still trying to decode the entire process […]

Social Security Letters

Social Security Disability Application Letters These links are either to actual SSA forms or generic forms to collect information for your case. Some forms are standard from SSA. However, some DDS agencies provide different versions of standardized forms to collect information on claimants.  So, the actual forms and the information collected varies by state. Initial […]

Social Security Statement

A Social Security Statement records your lifetime earnings. It also estimates your future retirement, disability and survivor benefits based on the taxes you’ve paid. You can obtain a copy of your Social Security Statement online or request one at your local office. Sign in or create a mySocial Security account to view your statement or […]

The Amount of Social Security Disability Benefits

How much do social security benefits pay each month? The amount someone receives for social security disability is different for each individual based on various factors. If you are thinking about filing, before you apply, start here! Get a copy of your Social Security Statement to estimate your benefit amount if you become disabled and […]