• Ann Moore started the topic Waiting again in the forum General Discussion 4 years, 7 months ago

    We are currently waiting for the second time. My husband has chronic leukemia. They can’t deny that. But, he has always worked about 20 hours a month just for his personal pocket money, no where near SS limit on what you can earn. We fought it in 2011 and won and got back pay. Lived 3 years receiving benefits starting to get our financial lives back together. Then some administrator at SS decided that he was “cured” and could work full time, even though all 7 of his doctors said he could not. Of course, secretaries and judges know WAY more, right? Nevertheless, our attorney advised we reapply as application process has little success. We reapplied and got rejected in February 2016. We should have a court date anytime between May and July of this year and will receive back pay soon after. I find it disgusting that SS plays this waiting game just hoping people quit or die.