• Hello and sorry for my slow reply, for some reason notifications of posts are not getting to my inbox. Having something like that happen to me is my biggest fear! Who are they to randomly just decide you are “cured”!? I feel your frustration. I can’t imagine having to start all over. Have you had any updates?

  • @ Unknown: I agree with Sunshine in that it could be a waste of time and 100% continuous ongoing treatment is not a determining facto.. It can be helpful though to receive ongoing treatment and sending them any updated information you might have for treatment. For instance, have you been seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist for…[Read more]

  • @Roarkewow: Hello and I hope things are going well for you. Any updates? I would contact your attorney “just to follow-up” and see what they say. Sorry for my slow reply again, the notification went to my junk mail (grrrrrr……) We aren’t junk! lol

  • In 2017 new rules for the evaluation of mental disorders by the Social Security Administration (SSA) went into effect. The SSA has not revised the rules for SSDI mental disorders since 1990. Rules changes were […]

  • Sounds like Quality Review and a decision is on the horizon! Keep in mind that QR is not an indicator or either approval or denial, it could still go either way. But the good news is that if it’s an approval, the OQR statiscally reverses/returns less than 10% of decisions. Next thing hopefully is your award letter and/or call/letter from the l…[Read more]

  • Hello and welcome! I’m sorry I missed your post, for some reason I wasn’t notified. It does seem like it goes on forever! Being told 12 months you probably had a countdown going in your head and couldn’t wait for March to come, then changed to 19 months was probably a huge bummer! 😐 I felt like I waited in the dark for so many months. Are you…[Read more]

  • If you file for social security disability benefits and need to prove the extent of pain for your case, you may be asked to complete a SSDI Pain Questionnaire.  This might come with other forms for you to […]

  • Here are some useful tips!

    1st – When submitting medical evidence to DDS by fax or email, always use the barcode initially mailed to you in the introduction letter. This letter comes approximately 7-14 business days after clearing your local office. Often examiners will not include evidence due to the lack of barcode. If you don’t have the b…[Read more]

  • Your diagnosis does not automatically mean you can be awarded disability benefits. For SSDI, the loss of your ability to perform work is evaluated. It’s important to identify how a diagnosed condition or determinable impairment causes limited function or restricts you from performing work related tasks. Be prepared to describe what causes your…[Read more]

  • Below is compiled index of SSDI acronyms that you might come across when applying for social security disability.  Did we miss any?  Let us know in the comments below.

    Administrative Appeals J […]

  • The social security payment status after you have been approved for benefits is used in the state data exchange system.
    When you call to check your social security disability application payment status, the […]

  • Social Security Disability Application Letters
    These links are either to actual SSA forms or generic forms to collect information for your case. Some forms are standard from SSA. However, some DDS agencies […]

  • A Social Security Statement records your lifetime earnings. It also estimates your future retirement, disability and survivor benefits based on the taxes you’ve paid. You can obtain a copy of your Social Security […]

  • How much do social security benefits pay each month?
    The amount someone receives for social security disability is different for each individual based on various factors.
    If you are thinking about filing, before […]