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    Your diagnosis does not automatically mean you can be awarded disability benefits. For SSDI, the loss of your ability to perform work is evaluated. It’s important to identify how a diagnosed condition or determinable impairment causes limited function or restricts you from performing work related tasks. Be prepared to describe what causes your limited function.

    Here are some things for consideration to describe your abilities:

    How far can you walk?
    How long can you stand?
    How long can you sit?
    Can you walk to the mailbox?
    Can you walk through a store?
    Can you carry a bag of groceries to the car?
    Can you sit in a chair for an hour? Or 2, 3, 4?
    Why are you impaired at doing an activity?
    What happens when you perform the activity?
    What causes you to stop?
    What happens when you stop?
    Do you need to stop to rest, stretch, walk around?
    What do you have to do when you stop these activities?
    How long before you can repeat the activity? 
    What medication has a doctor prescribed for your medically diagnosed conditions?
    Are these medications helpful?  How?
    Do they cause any side effects? Hyper? Drowsy? Jittery?
    How long to the side effects last each day? An hour? 2, 3 hours? All day?
    Are you so jittery that you cannot write? Or type? Or sit? Or stand?
    Are you so drowsy that you need take a nap? How often? How long? 
    Does a physical or mental impairment or side affect keep you from activities?
    Getting out of bed? Getting dressed? Visiting, or having friends visit you?