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    Here are some useful tips!

    1st – When submitting medical evidence to DDS by fax or email, always use the barcode initially mailed to you in the introduction letter. This letter comes approximately 7-14 business days after clearing your local office. Often examiners will not include evidence due to the lack of barcode. If you don’t have the barcode, call your examiner once assigned and ask for a copy.

    2nd – It is important that evidence from new doctor appointments, tests, or treatments you undergo while your application is in the initial review stage are submitted to the SSA. Whether you have just submitted your disability application or have already been approved for benefit, any time there is a change in your medical condition, keep the Social Security Administration (SSA) informed!

    3rd – It depends which stage of the disability application process you are in to determine where you send your additional information.

    **Before you are assigned a claims examiner: submit new documentation to your local SSA office by mail or in person.

    **After you have been assigned a claims examiner: submit new documentation directly to the examiner at the Disability Determination Services (DDS) office. The notice you received in the mail will include the name of the examiner and the mailing address for submitting new documentation.

    **Before appealing a denial: submit new documentation WITH the appeal forms you send to the SSA. The notice you receive regarding your denial and will include the contact information and mailing address for submitting new documentation and forms.

    **After you are approved: You are still required to keep the SSA updated with any new information about your condition, whether it WORSENS or IMPROVES. The notice you receive regarding your benefits will include appropriate contact information.

    4th – Always keep copies! When submitting any evidence to the SSA, you should keep copies of all documents and include them in a case file that you maintain at home. This will ensure that you have a copy of everything that has been turned over to the SSA as part of your disability claim and supporting records.