Payment Status Codes for SSI

The social security payment status after you have been approved for benefits is used in the state data exchange system.

When you call to check your social security disability application payment status, the answers from calling the SSA are not always helpful.  Sometimes it can feel like you are still trying to decode the entire process just to gain some sanity while you wait for payment after the decision has been made and you have been approved for disability.  The SDX record status might be a clue. It is an internal status code for the state data exchange system, but it might be helpful to ask the person you speak with if there is SDX status code because there are so many stages when your application and payment is processed through the system.  The front line staff answering the phones might not necessarily have detailed information about status codes and this is a list that might help you decode the mystery of why your application or backpay payment could be in limbo if you happen to find out a code on your file.  If you have a NONPAY status, this chart should be especially useful to get more information.

Let us know what the status codes mean if you have been given them during your hunt for social security disability payments if they are different than what we have listed. You can discuss your payment status updates and SSD facts with other people live on our main social security forum page here.  You can comment and keep your information private by posting anonymously or you can create an account to stay in contact with other people and share your profile to compare your situation.  To share the facts about socials security payment status while you wait during the long time it can take, can be a relief.  Register here to create a profile and search profiles to find people who have the same problem as you.

SDX Payment Status Codes

Here is how the SDX Payment Status Codes positions are used:  they are three positions.  The first position reflects the status of SSI/State Supplement payments, the second position and third positions give reasons for the status.  This information is exchanged between state disability systems and the social security system.

You cannot check the status for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits online but might be able to find out the status code when you call.

1st Position: Status of payment eligibility for Social Security

C Recipient is ELIGIBLE for SSI/SS payment.
E Recipients ELIGIBILITY for Federal and/or State benefit based on the eligibility computation but no payment is due based on the payment computation.
H Case is in HOLD status, final disposition pending.
M Case under MANUAL control. Case is known as “force payment” although a payment may not be involved.
N Applicant is NOT ELIGBLE for SSI/SS payment or that a previously eligible recipient is no longer eligible.
P Suspension with the PROBABILITY of reinstatement.
S Recipient may STILL be eligible for SSI/SS but payment is being withheld.
T SSI/SS eligibility is TERMINATED

2nd and 3rd Position: The reason for payment status

C01 Current pay status
E01 Eligible for federal and/or state benefits based on eligibility computation, but there is no payment due based on payment computation.
H10 A living arrangement change is in process
H20 A marital status change is in process
H30 A resource change is in process
H40 A student status change is in process
H50 A head of household change is in process
H60 Hold pending receipt of date of death
H70 Hold pending transmission of one-time payment data
H80 Early input
H90 There is a systems limitation involved and the SSA District Office (DO) must manually compute and input the payment amount
M01 Force Payment – Recipients may be in payment or nonpayment status. See SSI Gross Payable Amount field or State Supplemental Gross Payable Amount field for eligibility amount. These fields will contain zeros if in non-payment status
M02 Payment status posted to indicate that the record is under “force due” control
N01 NONPAY recipient’s countable income exceeds Title XVI payment amount and his/her State’s payment standard
N02  NONPAY recipient is inmate of public institution
N03  NONPAY recipient is outside U.S.
N04  NONPAY recipient’s nonexcludable resources exceed Title XVI limitations
N05  NONPAY unable to determine if eligibility exists
N06  NONPAY Recipient failed to file for other benefits
N07  NONPAY Cessation of recipient’s disability
N08 NONPAY Cessation of recipient’s blindness
N09 NONPAY Recipient refused vocational rehabilitation without good cause
N010 NONPAY Recipient refused treatment for drug addiction
N011 NONPAY Recipient refused treatment for alcoholism
N012 NONPAY Recipient voluntarily withdrew from program
N013 NONPAY Not a citizen eligible alien
N014 NONPAY Aged claim denied. Applicant not disabled
N015 NONPAY Blind claim denied. Applicant not blind
N016 NONPAY Disability claim denied. Applicant not disabled
N017 NONPAY Failure to pursue claim by applicant.
N019 NONPAY Recipient has voluntarily terminated participation in the SSI program.
N020 NONPAY Recipient fails to furnish a required report.
N022 NONPAY Inmate of a penal institution.
N023 NONPAY Not a resident of the U.S.
N024 (old) NONPAY Claimant has been convicted of a felony of fraudulently misrepresenting residence. (Only for effective dates prior to 12/99)
N024 NONPAY Administrative Sanctions penalty imposed because claimant has provided false or misleading statements to obtain benefits. (Effective 12/99).
N25 NONPAY Claimant is a fugitive felon or parole/probation violator.
N27 NONPAY Disability terminated due to Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA).
N30 NONPAY Slight impairment – Medical consideration alone, no visual impairment.
N31 NONPAY Capacity for SGA – customary past work, no visual impairment.
N32 NONPAY Capacity for SGA – other work, no visual impairment.
N33 NONPAY Engaging in SGA despite impairment, no visual impairment.
N34 NONPAY Impairment is no longer severe at time of adjudication and did not last 12 months, no visual impairment.
N35 NONPAY Impairment is severe at time of adjudication but not expected to last 12 months, no visual impairment.
N36 NONPAY Insufficient or no medical data furnished, no visual impairment.
N37 NONPAY Failure or refusal to submit to consultative examination, no visual impairment.
N38 NONPAY Applicant does not want to continue development of claim, no visual impairment.
N39 NONPAY Applicant willfully fails to follow prescribed treatment, no visual impairment.
N40 NONPAY Impairment(s) does not meet or equal listing (disabled child under age 18 only), no visual impairment.
N41 NONPAY Slight Impairment – medical condition alone, visual impairment.
N42 NONPAY Capacity for SGA – other work, visual impairment.
N43 NONPAY Capacity for SGA – other work, visual impairment.
N44 NONPAY Engaging in SGA despite impairment, visual impairment.
N45 NONPAY Impairment no longer severe at time of adjudication and did not last 12 months, visual impairment.
N46 NONPAY Impairment is severe at time of adjudication but not expected to last 12 months, visual impairment.
N47 NONPAY Insufficient, or no medical evidence furnished, visual impairment.
N48 NONPAY Failure or refusal to submit to consultative examination, visual impairment.
N49 NONPAY Applicant does not want to continue development of claim, visual impairment.
N50 NONPAY Applicant willfully fails to follow prescribed treatment, visual impairment.
N51 NONPAY Impairment(s) does not meet or equal listing (disabled child under age 18 only), visual impairment.
N52 NONPAY Deleted from State rolls before 12/73 payment.
N53 NONPAY Deleted from State rolls after 12/73 payment.
N54 NONPAY DO unable to locate applicant.
P01 SUSPENDED Suspension of disability payments due to SGA, probability of reinstatement.
S01 SUSPENDED Suspension of payments due to report of death by Treasury, potential automated death case.
S04 SUSPENDED System is awaiting disability determination.
S05 SUSPENDED SGA decision pending.
S06 SUSPENDED Recipient’s address unknown.
S07 SUSPENDED Returned check for other than death, address, payee change or death of payee.
S08 SUSPENDED Representative payee development pending.
S09 SUSPENDED Miscellaneous suspense code.
S10 Adjudicative Suspense (system generated).
S20 SUSPENDED Potential rollback case or no disability made prior to 7/73 (inactive).
S21 SUSPENDED The recipient is presumptively disabled or blind and has received three months payments.
T01 TERMINATED Death of recipient.
T20 TERMINATED Received payment under two different numbers.
T22 TERMINATED Same definition as code T20 except that termination results from electronic screening.
T30 TERMINATED Manual termination (payment previously made). Change in record composition requires termination of existing record.
T31 TERMINATED System generated termination (payment previously made).
T32 New payment status code posted by the SSA automated system when a record is approaching the maximum size.
T33 New payment status code indicating a manual termination of a record.
T50 TERMINATED Manual termination (no previous payment made).
T51 TERMINATED System generated termination (no previous payment made).

Concurrent Payment Category Codes

There are codes that indicate optional state supplementation concurrent payment categories that are in the recipient type code.

0 – No supplementation paid.

1 – Paid in aged category (optional supplement).

2 – Paid in blind category (optional supplement).

4 – Paid in disability category (optional supplement).

8 – One member of couple is paid in blind category (optional supplement) (California only).

9 – Mandatory supplementation paid.

Disability Payment Codes

These are codes that Indicate the status of SSDI disability payments.

P – Presumptive finding.

F – Final determination-allowance.

S – State determination (conversion case only) allowance.

R – Referred to State agency. Code indicates (a) final. Determination denial, or (b) Pending determination.

T – Presumptive finding. State conversion record.

X – No disability determination made (claim denied on basis of non disability issues).

(BLANK) – Not applicable.

Conditional Payment Codes

The conditional payment code indicates if a payment is or was subject to disposition of excess resources. When a payment is no longer conditional, the code remain “C”

C – Conditional

N – Not Conditional

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